1052 Mill Hill Road East Greenville, PA 18041 | 215.679.5764

Open as of Oct 7, 2017

The property for the Double Eagle BnB was purchased in July 2013 and the extensive renovation plan began with the assistance of an architect and general contractor. The owners invested a substantial amount of time and labor to defray part of the cost of renovations. Both owners have experience from earlier properties in renovations doing the demolition and much of the marble or tile work. The indoor pool area also realized significant improvements and is a unique feature of the Double Eagle BnB.  It is a large room with a heated therapy pool, hot tub, and sitting area with a wide screen TV for viewing pleasure. The major renovations of the property were completed by July 2017.  The property will be able to accommodate guests with a variety of special needs.

Over the years, the owners have accumulated a substantial amount of furniture and art which reflects a mixture of local, modern, and foreign influences from their numerous world travels. The Double Eagle BnB is furnished and decorated to display these items and may be of interest to customers, possibly even making international customers feel their home country is appreciated.

As a result of the house renovation, there was a need for reconstructive landscaping.  The extensive backyard hardscape project is currently on-going and will be completed by Spring of 2018.  Extra effort is being spent to create an outdoor retreat space (fully accessible) that will be interesting in all seasons.  There will even be a prayer garden.  The backyard view from the breakfast area as well as the family room will be an integral part of the clients’ accommodation experience.